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Gough Island’s globally important seabird colony is at risk from giant mice, which feast on albatross chicks and may also be targeting adult birds. Photo by Chantal Steyn . RSPB sends task force to remote Atlantic Island to tackle giant mice which eat albatross chicks alive Save The Tristan albatross is endangered Credit: Instagram/Michelle_on_gough_island The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds said the rodents have proliferated on uninhabited Gough Island "Ridding islands of invasive species has been done on around 700 … These “filial generation 2,” or F2 mice, hold the first key to untangling the riddle of the evolution of Gough Island’s giant mice.

Gough Island’s globally important seabird colony is at risk from giant mice, which feast on albatross chicks and may also be targeting adult birds. Breaking the Code .

House mice have no predators on Gough Island, and in summer their numbers reach "stupendous densities—300 mice per hectare," Wanless said.
The mouse removal is set for 2020.

On Gough Island, bait will be dropped during the southern winter, the season when the mice are hungriest but also when birds are likely to be away at sea. The mice on Gough Island, which is located in the South Atlantic Ocean in the same territory as Saint Helena, have evolved to be 'two or three times larger' than the average house mouse. Gough Island mice weigh just 1.2 ounces (35 grams) on average. Millions of ten-inch-long mice have colonised a 25-mile-wide island - and are decimating local bird populations. The mice now found on Gough are probably descendants of rodents that hitched a ride to the island on 19th-century sealing boats. House mice that were introduced to Gough Island in the South Atlantic are attacking and killing both adult and baby albatross. Mice brought to a remote South Atlantic island by sailors in the 19th century are threatening seabirds including the critically endangered Tristan albatross, a British charity said on Monday. Geoff Hilton, a U.K.-based biologist with the Royal Society for the Protection of … They tried to save seabirds from giant mice on a remote island, but Covid-19 left them stranded. Photo by Chantal Steyn . Gough Island (/ ɡ ɒ f /), also known historically as Gonçalo Álvares after the Portuguese explorer, is a rugged volcanic island in the South Atlantic Ocean. Gough Island is a remote British territory and a World Heritage Site located in the South Atlantic Ocean. The Gough Island Restoration Program seeks to eradicate the mice and save the endangered bird species.