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Grab inspiration and get practicing: 4. Simple Mehndi Designs for Feet and Hands Mehndi is the more adored feature of the Asian culture. The henna is on the back of the hand and ends on the middle finger. Best Henna designs are uploaded on my channelwhich include:Henna designssimple mehndi designsbridal mehndi designsarabic mehndi designsmehndi designs for weddingmehndi arthenna tattoomehndi design imagesindian mehndi designsLearn beautiful diy henna/mehndi design in this tutorial..its specially made

Simple Henna Design for the Hand. Our next idea is a pretty hand design. Listed below are very easy and simple mehndi designs for beginners.

Not basically the local Asian women, however all woman universally in circles the globe apply simple mehndi designs.The pleasure it brings after you place it on your hands and commonly on feet, then you wait a couple of hours to drying it off. It is a stunning Mehndi design and it looks like a beautiful piece of jewelry. It seems quite impossible to imagine any Pakistani or Indian wedding or any religious occasion without the females covering their hands and feet with mehndi designs. Arabic mehndi designs are also a great option for starters as you have that liberty of swaying your cone in Arabic Henna designs and even of you go wrong somewhere, you can beautify that flaw with a flower or a mango design. Henna, commonly called mehndi in Asian countries or tattoo in western states, are some things that all ladies adore. The pattern is simple and it can be created in a henna color of your choice.