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River Cruisers.

We also have two magnificent river cruisers, seating 40 and 80 guests respectively where weddings can also be held whilst cruising along the scenic vaal river. At Duck Point no two wedding celebrations are the same, nor should they be. Towering Blue Gum trees deliver a natural grandeur to this special space with possibly the best view the Vaal River has to offer.

THE RIVER TERRACE. The Liquid Lounge is a very unique wedding venue, because instead of being located on the beautiful banks of the Vaal River, this venue actually cruises down this majestic River of the Vaal. The perfect location for a romantic wedding, gathering or function shared with family and friends. Willow Banks is a tranquil venue on the Banks of the Vaal River. We are situated in the Free State just outside Parys – nestled in the Vredefort Dome World Heritage Site.

If you’re seeking a unique venue to host your wedding reception, look no further. 1. Vaal Wedding, Conference and Function Venues

In our article, Reasons to choose a Wedding Venue in Parys, we mentioned why Parys is such an excellent choice as a wedding venue.Below we look at the 5 Best Wedding Venues in Parys: Best Wedding Venue in Parys. School Room.

Uniquely situated at Lochvaal on the banks of the beautiful Vaal River. We are located next door to Heaven on Vaal which is a beautiful Vaal River Wedding Venue that is able to cater for up to 150 guests. Vaal de Sioleh is also the ideal place to stay for the keen yellow fish enthusiast. Why choose The Liquid Lounge as your wedding venue in the Vaal Triangle? The hall can easily accommodate 140 guests with enough space left for a dance floor and 160 guests without a dancing area. The venue has an indoor chapel that can accommodate 150 guests and an outdoor chapel that can accommodate 150 guests. Clivia Lodge is the perfect venue for your weddings, wedding accommodation, matric farewells, company and private functions or simply accommodtaion for your well deserved breakaway.

The venue has a separate chapel that can accommodate 160 guests and has an indoor staircase that links it to the […] The Liquid Lounge is a cruise boat that offers a unique wedding venue on the Vaal River, and an excellent alternative to traditional wedding venues. The Nutcracker Country Wedding Venue. Vaal River wedding venue. River Cruisers. Stonehaven on Vaal is honoured and humbled to have received many Sedibeng Tourism Awards covering all venues in the greater Vaal area. Cinema Style. Our accommodation offers 18 fully equipped, self catering chalets with a beautiful river view and a good variety of wildlife to explore.