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Woodland Kingfisher (Halcyon senegalensis) bird calls on It’s typically solitary however can happen in small teams. Distribution.
The call is very distinctive and unmistakable, beginning with one sharp, loud, high note, followed by a repetition of trills which …

Distribution and habitat. Breeding in Africa: widespread; can be seen in 40 countries. The call of this noisy kingfisher is a loud trill sounding like a nail run down the teeth of a comb. At Sabi Sabi the Woodland Kingfisher call is the first welcome signal of the return of the summer, and it is generally the first migrant bird to return. The Woodland Kingfisher is widely distributed in tropical Africa south of the Sahara and from Pretoria northwards. This kingfisher is essentially resident within 8° of the equator, but northern and southern populations are migratory, moving into the equatorial zone in the dry season.

The males can be heard calling constantly as soon as they arrive back into the bushveld, continuing until the end of the breeding season.
The Woodland Kingfisher (Halcyon senegalensis) belongs to the tree kingfisher family. Though it’s a “kingfisher”, it prefers drier habitats in additional conventional woodland and might be removed from the water. Woodland Kingfisher bird photo call … This woodland kingfisher is basically resident inside 8° of the equator, however northern and southern populations are migratory, transferring into the equatorial zone within the dry season. The woodland kingfisher is widely distributed in tropical Africa south of the Sahara and from Pretoria northwards.